A website has been set up to support DEF’s/evangelicals in the General Synod elections later this year:
Resources for LLF are now live on CEEC website: 
Websites/blogs to refer to for LLF resources:
1.       CEEC
2.       EGGS 
3.       Living Out
4.       Ian Paul
5.       Church Society 
6.       Martin Davie
7.       Anglican Mainstream
Books/articles - Power, culture and abuse
1.       Diane Langberg - ‘Redeeming power …’
2.       Bishop Andrews article 2017 -
3.       EA (on ‘spiritual abuse’) -
4.       Lisa Oakley and Justin Humphreys -
5.       Ollie Lansdowne -
Books/articles - Sexuality
1.       Ed Shaw – ‘Purposeful Sexuality’ - A CEEC 20% discount code is now LIVE (until 20th March) via: Code is: CEECPURPOSE 
2.       Martin Davie - 'Living in Love and Faith - A biblical response' - to be published by Dictum Press on 6 April

Letter from Bishop Steven December 2020

“The Beautiful Story” video link

“The Beautiful Story” – briefing notes

CEEC Press Release on ‘Living in Love and Faith’
CEEC National Director – Press Release
Hugh Palmer’s letter to the House of Bishops regarding Holy Communion

The Oxford Bishops' Ad Clerum 'Clothe Yourselves with Love'

A Response 

Bishops' Joint Response 131218

Church Planting - ODEF Meeting November 2015

Will Stileman:  Church Planting 26.11.2015

Richard Coombs:  Church Planting 26.11.2015


How churches can support each other through financial giving

Please read the article here

Revisionist view on the Centurion's Servant and responses

Please listen to  Dr Jeffery John’s ‘take’ on Jesus healing the Centurion’s Servant here – it is only 14mins long.
Two excellent responses that are well worth reading are here
First by Revd Dr Ian Paul.
Dr Robert Gagnon writes a rather deeper article here which also exposes John’s twisted exegesis.

Guarding the Deposit - Apostolic Truth for an Apostolic Church

download pdf link here